Licensing of Images

License Request

 All images on are protected by copyright. 

To request a license for any of the images on please call at 1-888-707-6255.  Email for a sample copy of the Licensing Agreement.

Delivery of Images

 Due to size, images are mailed on a CD or DVD.  They are not available for download.  The images on the website are protected by copyright and are primarily in a gif format so that they are not suitable for quality reproduction.   


 With the return of the completed License Agreement, the cost per licensed image is $25.00.  Shipping and handling charges are included on this item only. Non-profit entities or groups that would utilize the prints in a public service setting should call to discuss special arrangements. 


The "large print" images will print up to 11" x 17"/13" x 19" (although 11"x14" is the normal sizing).   Format for the images is png. Some images from other categories, while fine for a brochure or logo or letterhead, may not be appropriate for reproduction in a larger format in terms of size or quality.  Prior to purchase, you will be given the exact pixel count and size to determine whether your needed sizing and the print will work together.

Reservation of Rights

As specified in the Licensing Agreement, Margaret Lois Jansen reserves all rights regarding the image and the licenses are non-exclusive. In some cases, depending upon the proposed use, the request for a license to use the image may be declined.

Contact for Questions

 For further inquiries, call Toll Free at 1-888-707-6255 (Local Indy:  317-241-9169).